What might we achieve if we unblock the barriers to working with healthcare data?

Healthcare data in the form of Real World Data (RWD) has become essential for extracting scientific and clinical insights, and for helping organizations generate value across their business and operational needs.


Challenges with Healthcare Data


Security & Privacy

Strict regulation for data security and patient privacy


Decentralized Data

Messy, inconsistent, and decentraliazed data


Data Incompatibility

Data incompatibility with different formats and coding systems


Potential Bias

Potential bias due to the unique blend of patients, providers, and practices



Bespoke, home-grown data and technology landscapes

OUR vision

EnoBase, our technology platform, will connect multiple healthcare data sources and provide users with end-to-end solutions for extracting valuable insights while maintaining maximal data security.

This helps our data partners and users to more rapidly achieve their research goals and deliver end-to-end clinical or operational solutions to stakeholders


Decentralized Data

We attract reliable, long-term partners with access to multiple sources of data by allowing hospitals to retain total ownership and control while sharing value with the network via decentralized, privacy-preserving AI/ML


Accelerated Experimentation

We empower rapid AI/ML experimentation and facilitate team collaboration by offering a wide range of reusable frameworks and repositories that expand as we scale


End-To-End Support

We actualize your AI/ML strategy from raw data to clinical and commercial deployment by providing the full suite of tools and environments for building scalable software


Untapped Network

We establish new and untapped data sources by forming relationships with major data partners on a global scale

OUR products

By extending our platform capabilities to include additional network capabilities, we offer our data partners and clients a fully collaborative ecosystem for accelerating science and clinical insights.


Data Governance

Transform the raw data in your warehouse into reusable AI-ready datasets, continuously updated and made available to your organization under strict security controls


Clinical Research

Empower research team collaboration on applying data science to problems in healthcare, using self-service applications & the full analytic power of a modern data stack, reducing study cycle time from months to days


Clinical Application

Translate output of clinical research into AI-enabled clinical solutions & drive continuous improvement based on clinician feedback

Are you a hospital interested in joining our network of data partners?

We have partnered with the top research hospitals in Korea to build the most extensive network of healthcare data sharing.

Our EnoBase platform is built to guarantee data ownership and total control over data governance for privacy-preserving data sharing with external parties. We follow the strictest data security and data privacy guidelines.

Become part of our healthcare network– you will gain access to collaborations with other top name hospitals and research centers and paying external parties, while maintaining control and ownership of your data.